Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Cottage Fife Ancestry James Melville

Cottage Fife Ancestry, James Melville, St Athernase Churchyard headstone, Leuchars near St Andrews, Fife. Died 1832 aged 56 years old.

Cottage Fife Norman Church Arches

Romanesque Arches are a Norman feature of St Athernase Church Leuchars in Fife. The arches in this church date bach to the 12th Century.
Exterior blind arcades have Norman detailing

See interior video of St Athernase Church.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Holiday Cottage Fife Scotland

Holiday Cottage Fife Scotland
A short tour of Fife by our friends and guests staying at our self catering holiday cottages in Fife.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Holiday Cottage Fife Historic Cathedral Tower

Holiday Cottage Fife Historic Cathedral. This was taken in the grounds of St Andrews Cathedral, Fife.

Holiday Cottage Fife Ancestry St Rules Tower St Andrews

Holiday Cottage Fife Ancestry St Rules Tower St Andrews. The tower and adjoining choir were part of a church built before the 12th century to hold the relics of St Andrew. Located in the grounds of the St Andrews Cathedral, the tower is thought to be older than the Cathedral. A stunning view of St. Andrews can be seen from the top of the tower.

Cottage Fife Ancestry Hugh Lyon Playfair

Cottage Fife Ancestry, Sir Hugh Lyon Playfair
. Provost of St Andrews, died 1872 buried St. Andrews Cathedral, Fife. he was also the Captain of the Royal and Ancient Golf club in St Andrews.

Cottage Fife Tom Morris St Andrews

Cottage Fife Tom Morris St Andrews. Died December 1875 aged 24 years. Tom won the Golf Champions belt three times at St Andrews Old Course. This memorial was erected by his friends and fellow golfer as stated without envy at his achievements.