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Monday, 24 November 2014

Why Rent Our Holiday Cottage in Lower Largo Fife

Why rent our Holiday Cottage in Lower Largo Fife?

Lower Largo Lower Largo or Seatown of Largo is situated on Largo Bay at the North Side of Fife, one of the few fishing villages running along the east coast it has intriguing history. Famously it is the birthplace of Alexander Selkirk (1676) who is said to have inspired the story of Robinsoe Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. Today, you can see the life size bronze statue of Selkirk clearly on the main street and the sign at the harbour that points to the Juan Fernandez Islands that are located 7500 miles away. The Islands, where Alexander lived as a Castaway for more than 4 years.
This humble village is nestled right on the seashore, which means it boasts the most breathtaking views of the sea and spectacular eastern sunrises.  But it also hosts local amenities and is in striking distance of some of Scotland’s most famous tourists spots such as St Andrews. Its location is also perfect for sightseeing in Edinburgh as its just an hour away. Its picture perfect surroundings are an artist’s paradise but you don’t have to look far to find an activity for young and old alike.

For Golf enthusiasts there is Lundin Links Golf Club, which is only a stones throne away from the village. The club, which hosts the final stages of the open at St Andrews, is well known and is said to be a fantastic course for beginners too. Not to forget the village of Ellie further along the coast that welcomes novice sailors and experienced alike at Ellie Watersports. A perfectly sheltered harbour in the village provides wonderful conditions for learning and a safe place for children to try a different range of sports.

Inside our Holiday Cottage Fife